Ticket sales

The easiest way to purchase tickets to Lundakarnevalen until the Karneval is on the Internet or at our three shops. The shops are situated at Stortorget, Clemenstorget and in front of the AF-Castle in Lundgård. You can use cash or cash/credit cards in the shops. There are as many tickets left to the performances on the Internet as there are in the shops. If you want to know beforehand what is sold out, check out our ticket portal on the Internet to see what is available and to piece together your ideal Karneval schedule.

All three ticket shops are open up to the Karneval

Wednesday May 14: 11.30 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
Thursday May 15: 11.30 a.m. – 9 p.m.

During the Karneval the ticket shops at Clemenstorget and Stortorget are open

Friday May 16: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday May 17: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday May 18: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

We recommend you to purchase entrance tickets in advance. You can do this either on the Internet or at the ticket shops. Your entrance ticket should be picked up sometimes before the Karneval using your confirmation code. If you want to pick up the entrance ticket during the Karneval you can do this at Stortorget or at Clemenstorget. Remember to pick them up well in advance, before your favorite artist plays or before the performance you’re going to watch will start. There are a lot of people during the Karneval and it would take half an hour to just move around within Lundagård.

You can also purchase an entrance ticket at the entrance, but then there might be a queue. If you have purchased the ticket in advance, you have to pick it up at Stortorget or at Clemenstorget. You cannot do this at the entrances to the Karneval area.

Within the Karneval area you can also purchase tickets at the Ticket Castle in front of the AF-Castle. It is open 12-11 p.m. every Karneval Day. At the Ticket Castle we sell tickets to the entertainments and answer questions about tickets.

Ticket purchase on the Internet

When you purchase tickets on the Internet you will get a confirmation code sent to your e-mail address. To get the tickets, you state this confirmation code in any of the ticket shops at Lundakarnevalen. It is important to remember that the confirmation not is the ticket itself, but you have to find a ticket shop to pick the tickets up. To purchase tickets on the Internet you log on to

Entrance tickets to the Karneval area

To enter the Karneval area you will need an entrance ribbon or a single ticket. Entrance ribbons are 200 SEK and allow you to visit the Karneval area an unlimited number of times. If you only want to enter the Karneval area once you purchase a 60 SEK single ticket valid for one entrance. The queues are especially long directly after the parade and in connection with the big music acts.

Children who are 6 years old or younger have free admittance to the Karneval area. However, children are not admitted for free at entertainment performances. To these you will need to purchase a discounted ticket called ’student price’ at the cash register. All children need a ticket to the entertainments unless they are so small they can sit in a lap. Barnevalen has its own age limits.


Tickets to the Karneval entertainments

A central part of Lundakarnevalen is the seven big entertainments offering student-like and unique entertainment at the Karneval area. The seven entertainments are Barneval, Cirkus, Film, Kabaré, Revy, Spex and Show. Six performances are live except for the film, but they all last 45 minutes each. The entertainments are within the Karneval area, and an entrance ticket is needed to watch one performance.

It takes time to move between the different entertainments during the Karneval Days. We recommend at least 30 minutes between every entertainment. Be aware that the tickets to Lundakarnevalen entertainments are coveted and may sell out early.

Barnevalen is located in the southern part of the Karneval area at Kraft’s Square. Cirkus is located just south of the AF-Castle at Plaza Tegnér. Film is shown in Palaestra, the brick building north of the fountain. Kabaré takes place in a white tent just north of the cathedral. Revy is located in the white University building. Spex can be found in the Great Hall of the AF-Castle and Show takes place in the dinning rooms of Tegnér in the AF-Castle.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings a nightclub is held within the AF-Castle filled with thousands of visitors. Different tickets are valid for Dansen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Entrance to the Karneval area is required to go to Dansen. The tickets to Dansen are already sold out all three evenings.

Ordinary Students Children
Barneval 80 SEK 20 SEK
Cirkus 140 SEK 100 SEK
Film 60 SEK
Kabaré 140 SEK 100 SEK
Revy 140 SEK 100 SEK
Dining 300 SEK 200 SEK
Bar seat 200 SEK 150 SEK
Stalls 140 SEK 100 SEK
Grand stand 100 SEK
Standing ticket 50 SEK
Dansen 250 SEK 200 SEK
Single ticket 60 SEK
Entrance ribbon 200 SEK


Student prices include all children (from the age they can’t sit in the lap) up to the age 16 years and all students (also high school) with a valid student ID – from Lund and from the rest of the world.

Barnevalen has its own child ticket up to 12 years. Children being 6 years old or younger have free admission to the Karneval area.