Lundakarnevalen has seven big entertainments, 45 minutes long. They are performed about six times every day during the three Karneval Days.

Below is a brief description of each entertainment.

We are positioned in the post-apocalyptical dystopia after the big nuclear war. The world is in ruins, but Cabaret Apocalyptica is doing its best to cheer up the few that are left. It is, however, difficult to know who the guests are when you let the door wide open. A diary from the time before the war could give a perspective and sometimes history becomes very much alive. Join us into a world where the futural not is what we hope it is, where the present is crazy but the experience total.


At Tegnérsplatsen, precisely south of the AF-Castle you will find Lundakarnevalens oldest and most pristine entertainment, namely the Karneval Cirkus. The Cirkus has a long history in mixing student-like humor with travesties of circus acts, as well as genuinely impressive ones. This year the performance, named ”Cirkus 40 minutes”, will take the audience on a breathtaking journey across foreign locations, and offer a fresh mixture of both old and new stuff. A traditional circus is sent out on and under extremely untraditional circumstances because of a mysterious traveler from the future. Prepare for an adventure filled with excitement, humor and grace. A true pleasure for the whole family.


On stage of Stora Salen in the AF-Castle you will face the Karneval Spex ’Atlantis’. In this performance you are invited to a traditional Spex from Lund, where the fairy tale about what happened to Atlantis is told with high-class humor, singing and dancing.

The performance starts in a worn and run down Atlantis. The city is too heavy and is for sure sinking both down into the water and to destruction. The inhabitants in the city have got used to the decay, but the city mayoress has decided to get the city afloat again (both figuratively and literally!). Atlantis will return to its former days of glory – and make it snappy.


The Karneval show 2014 invites you to The Light and the Lantern – a Day in Life. In the small pub, the Light & the Lantern, we will experience a day together with the innkeeper Rolle Rosén, who has seen and heard just about everything. From a viewers point of view we will meet visitors, customers and friends, who are all searching for a meaning. With the help of humor, singing and dancing we get closer to people, who all are carrying something around, but who not always knows about it, and constantly on the look out for something bigger. Together with a well-cooked pub menu we can promise a holistic experience that will not leave anyone indifferent.


In whatever way you twist and turn the history, the world and its inhabitants you clearly see that we watch the fairy tale about the human race’s boundless idiocy. It is almost impressive how adult, responsible people all the time destroy their own reality.  As a child we are exposed to enormous expectations, every new generation are expected to be the first sensible generation. But no, this will never happen. Man is, has always been and will always be (stay), an idiot.

Join us in the Karneval Revyn, ”Cones and Nuts” – 45 minutes with satirical, intellectual and nonsense sketches and action-packed song- and dance performances about all or nothing. A generation’s journey in which we prove every cone (=living soul), without exception, grows up to be a nut (=blockhead).


Barneval – carnival for the children (and adults)
Embarrassing Dad Olsson has a pain in his tooth and is afraid of going to the dentist, even when supported by his children Pia, Cissi och Ville.  But a futural and clever invention is the start of an incredible adventure

We will join on a journey in time and mouth, among tartars and taste buds, in which our heroes fight for love and friendship with the mission to help dad’s bad tooth. We meet a mad female scientist, singing teeth, a friendly tooth goblin and Scania’s own regional Tooth Fairy.

So, brush your teeth, don’t forget the dental floss and bring your whole family to Barnevalen. This is something you can’t miss.


Lund University is threatened by a hidden enemy with unclear intentions. The young female student Sara, who by pure coincidence is pulled into the dramatic entanglements, happens to be the only one that can protect the University from a violent destruction. But is by pure coincidence that it is she only? While she is forced to get used to her newfound superpowers, we get to know the geeky Filip. In the company of her newfound friend we follow our heroes through hacker attacks, car chasing and finally in the decisive struggle towards the evil in the first Swedish super-hero movie …

The following shows will have english subtitles:

13 may: 20:30
15 may: 20:30

friday 16 may: 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 23:00
saturday 17 may: 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 23:00
Sunday 18 may: 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 23:00