Dear visitor av Lundakarnevalens Major Entertainments!

Lundakarnevalen took its first steps a day in May 1849 and has made people roar of laughter, giggle and smirk every four years (more or less) since then.

As a visitor you will be offered a wide selection where you can witness everything from fantastic circus numbers and powerful ballads to fancy dance performances and spot on, clever humour. These performances has been created by eight ensambles consisting of about 90 karnevalists in each group. These students have laughed, struggled, and created ever since last fall and will continue to work hard during the spring, day and night, to show you something magical and unforgettable.

Every entertainment has a unique concept and no show is ever the same. Since you can’t possibly know what you want to see I recommend you to see it all! Maybe you will find a favourite that you just have to see again? Take this chance to have some fun, that’s what Lundakarnevalen is all about!
See you in the crowd!

Karnevalistic greetings,
The Entertainments through the Karneval Committee 2018



Traditions are important, especially within opera! In this modern depiction a family’s bond together is put to the test when their traditional Taco Night is ruined. Join them on their Friday night and save the weekend!


Cirkus Obsoleto!

A very generous interpretation of the concept ”Circus” where the grandness of the show is not based on talent, but the lack of it. A parody you don’t want to miss!


Det digitala äventyret

Grandma’s computer is invaded by a virus! She and her clever grandchildren travels into the computer and helps the computer get rid of the virus.


Fröken Gunns Imaginatorium

Welcome to the bizarre world of The Kabaré. Here you will find a fabulous show with burlesque inspiration – like an ICA Basic version of Dante’s nine levels of hell. Take a few Karnevöl and enjoy Kabarén.


Showen – a musical in the subconscious

At Showen all your senses are entertained in a musical that brings you into your subconscious. In Tegnérs matsalar a three-course meal is served while you enjoy a show you won’t soon forget!

To register food preferences e-mail erik.johansson@lundakarnevalen.se


Dêjâ revy

Once upon a time in May. A gathering of energetic students with their chapeau claque on sway. The handsome students couldn’t do anything but make people laugh with their magical dêjâ revy! Once upon a time in May... or wait.


Drömmarnas Lund

Iris has been accepted to Lund University. Harry shouldn’t have been. Their dreams of student life are shattered when it unfolds that Lund is no longer what it used to be.

  • Every third movie screening, starting with 16.00, will be with English subtitles.
  • You can stream the film at play.lundakarnevalen.se if you have bought it through Drömmerian.



Spexet is a tradition from Lund with roots far back in time. This year’s show is presented in Stora Salen in AF-Borgen and here you will meet the Imaginal Forest and a nude old old John Bauersk friend, Näcken! One or two bushes might appear as well.

  • You are not guaranteed to sit if you have a ticket at the stand.
  • Ten hearing loops are available for the hearing impaired.


During the nights of Lundakarnevalen Dansen will open the doors of AF-Borgen. Over 2000 people per night will enter and fill the nights with karnevalistik love through partying and dancing! A tip is to gather up a few friends and buy tickets to the same night since the tickets are different for Friday, Saturday and Sunday! There will be dancefloors in Stora Salen, Festvåningen, Tegnérs and Café Athen. Imaginalt!