How FUN that you wanted to be a part of our Imaginalkarneval!

Did you buy the Karneval Film? Watch it at using the credentials in the bought pamphlet.

See you in four years..


For the karneval area itself only an entrance ticket is necessary. These can be purchased in advance, and at the entrance during the karnival days.

Everyone inside the Karneval area is able to watch the performances on the main stage, no specific ticket is required

To see the karneval parade, no entrance ticket is required.

Major Entertainments

For our major entertainments, you buy a ticket to a specific performance! There are two price groups, one for adults and one for students and adolescents (18 years old or younger).
Children who can sit in a guardians lap throughout the show enter for free.

More information on this year's Big Performances, full price list and performance schedule can be found further down this page.


Dansen (lit. "the Dance") is Lundakarnevalens club concept, where we turn the whole AF building into one massive nightclub with many dancefloors.

The tickets to the dance are only valid for one day, so you need to buy three tickets if you want to have a dance party every day!

For ongoing information and updates, check out our facebook event

Eight Major Entertainments

Barnevalen, Spexet, Cirkusen, Filmen, Kabarén, Operan, Revyn och Showen makes up the main entertainments of Imaginalkarnevalen! They're all given at different times during the three days and offer entertainment that's both wide and niche, smart and banal. But always fun!

Learn more about the major entertainments by clicking on one of the pictures!

Price Information

You can find information about our ticket fares and the schedule for our different shows by pressing the yellow button below.

To see one of our artists on the main stage you only need to enter the karneval area. However be there in time if you want to secure a spot since many of the artists are VERY popular and will no doubt draw a crowd.

Ticket Fares and Show Schedule